Original products available here only. We have in stock IMO: ACD 025, ACE 025 ,ACE 032, ACE 038, ACG 045 , ACG 052, ACG 060, ACG 070, ACF 80, ACF 90, ACF100 ,ACF 110, ACF125 , ABQ110, ABQ120 and other types.


ships turbocharger parts

When the company WSK Rzeszow had finished production of the turbocharger “52” Napier C045, our company bought complete technical documentation with instrumentation and started production of this turbocharger and all napier spare parts for it.


napier spare parts

AL25/30, ASL25/30, ATL25/30, AV25/30, ZL40/48, ZV40/48, ZA40S, S20, BAH22, RD68, RD76, RD90, RND68, RND76, RND90, RTA48 and others.

About Us

Company POLGER was established in 1990 to provide marine spare parts for shipping industry. Since our established we have supplied thousands of ship parts to our loyal customers. We offer a range of service which include supplying spare marine parts, repairing and technical advice.

We keep large quantity of spare ship parts in our warehouse, which is located in Pruszcz Gd. (Poland). In our offer you can find pumps, separators, compressors, refrigerating compresssors, turbochargers and many other ship spare parts. We can deliver anywhere at the world, right where you need. At POLGER we give customers the best.

POLGER was founded with the idea that customers want to do business with experts and need reliable marine spare parts supplier. In combination with this, our idea of honesty and trust in business has enabled us to become a leading force in the supply of equipment and ship spare parts for the marine industry.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality marine spare parts at competitive prices. We strive to fully satisfy our customers and we value customer feedback to help us continuously improve our marine parts supply services.

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